bubblegum and curls.

greenteacat said: Wow, that’s really amazing and I’m glad you’re strong enough to keep on fighting c:

Thank you, I’m glad too! I never even dreamt that my life would be filled with such loving and caring people, so I kinda really wanna be here for anyone who’s having a rought time. Because I know that it can be hard but I also know that it can get better. ♥

I've had the same thing but I didn't go to hospital and you know what I found out that really sucks? We can't ever do 99% of foreign work exchange programs because they all ask for an assessment from your GP and you have to have never suffered from depression @_@ How lame is that?! So it could be thirty years ago and we're still branded fruit loops... :(

Are you serious? That’s really stupid. The fact that I’ve suffered from depression doesn’t mean that I cannot be a hard worker (or anyone else for that matter) . Holy crap. D:

^^ how come you were in the hospital? are you doing better now?

I am better yes! I’ll post this under the cut ‘cause I know there’s people who don’t wanna read this.


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